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Happy Wife + Happy Husband Chicken Salad

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

When I need a quick lunch idea for the week, I grab a rotisserie chicken from my local Costco. My husband is a huge MAYO fan, me not so much! So I make chicken salad two ways very quickly!

What do you need?

Rotisserie chicken *you can substitute for a can of chicken



Plain Greek Yogurt

Pepper (Any color, note the orange and yellow are sweeter) Red Onion 7 Grapes (optional)

Salt + Pepper Celery


Start by dicing up all your vegetables. I use my trusty dicer to make this painless and quick!

In two different containers, I split up all the diced vegetables (celery, grapes, peppers, and red onion), add salt and pepper.

*I love this easy dicer, it is one of the most used items in my kitchen, this is an amazon affiliate link and I may earn commission if you purchase.

In one container I add 4 tablespoons of mayo.

In the other container, I add mashed avocado and 2 tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt. Also, add the juice one half of a lemon.

Now start removing the bone off of your rotisserie chicken. Once all the chicken is removed, dice it up.

Now split up your chicken between both containers and add salt and pepper.

Everyone's happy with these easy Chicken Salad made two different ways!

Which one is your favorite?

The non-mayo chicken salad is also Toddler Approved!

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